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Nikan Tarkhis Trading

With about 20 years of experience, this Trading and Customs Brokerage Company has been proudly offering clearance, import, and export services combining knowledge and experience, and has managed to clear a diverse and vast range of goods through customs offices around Iran. These goods have entered the Iranian economic cycle by manufacturers, producers, and traders, including importers and exporters, on large and small scales (wholesale and retail) as well as major trading entities and those wishing to engage themselves in economic and business activities.

Therefore, their trust in this customs brokerage is important in several ways: first, we, at this brokerage, have put honesty and law top on our agenda, and we have never bent any customs regulations and IRI standing laws in order to boost productivity. God the Sublime’s grace and our clients’ trust have enabled us to keep competing on the market, even during the sanctions.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a multi-stage process that sometimes baffles people. Therefore, several consulting services companies seek to facilitate this process by offering some simple methods. Enlisting qualified staff, this company aims to easily perform the clearance process, which is an integral part of trade.

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